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Montessori-Style Furniture - Supporting Child Development with Unique Room Additions

Montessori-style furniture by VERKdesign encompasses exceptionally designed structures handcrafted in Poland using plywood and natural wood. They bring something much more than practical, stylish, and original furnishings to a child's room.

Montessori furniture allows for arranging an interior that aligns with the ideas of Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and the creator of the renowned educational method utilized by top preschools and elementary schools worldwide.



Who was Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori was born on August 31, 1870, in the Italian town of Chiaravalle. After completing secondary school, she began studying medicine, defying the cultural norms of the time. She was one of the first Italian women to graduate with a medical degree. Maria had a strong interest in child development. She observed that children can learn effortlessly and joyfully.

Her research, initially involving children with mental disabilities and later expanded to encompass education for all children, led to the creation of an innovative educational system known as the Montessori method. In 1907, Maria Montessori opened her first preschool called "Case dei Bambini" and equipped it with furniture and materials of her own design. A few years later, she gave up all other pursuits, including her medical career, to fully dedicate herself to working with children. In 1923, Maria Montessori was awarded an honorary doctorate by Durham University in the United States.

The Montessori method is an educational system for preschool and school-age children that aims to foster their holistic development, encompassing social, emotional, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and cultural aspects. According to the Montessori philosophy, each child possesses a natural ability for self-directed learning and an innate drive for development. Therefore, the teacher's role is to act as a guide, creating a supportive and safe environment while being a supportive observer in the educational process. The fundamental principle of the Montessori method is freedom of choice, which is often absent in "conventional" education systems. Allowing children to independently choose activities that interest them unleashes creativity, spontaneity, and supports the development of skills and talents. 

Montessori believed that discipline arises from freedom. Montessori schools and preschools provide specialized educational materials designed to discover and develop various abilities and passions. Children can work with these materials for as long as they wish. An essential aspect of the Montessori method is an individual approach to each child’s needs and interests. Children are motivated to work in groups but also have the opportunity for individual activities. The teacher builds a relationship with the child based on mutual trust and respect.

Since 1911, the Montessori method has been widely implemented in schools in Italy and Switzerland. In subsequent years, it spread to countries such as England, the United States, and Spain. In 1929, the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was established, serving as an organization coordinating Montessori institutions worldwide and providing training for teachers working with this method. Montessori teachers must possess not only higher pedagogical education but also special qualifications and supervised practical experience.

The Montessori method was innovative in the early 20th century and remains relevant today. It is also popular in Poland, although unfortunately, it is primarily implemented in private institutions.



Space according to Montessori.

In the Montessori method, strong emphasis is placed on the environment in which the child lives and works. A properly prepared environment is the foundation for self-learning and supports the proper, harmonious, and comprehensive development of the child.

Just as the teacher ensures the necessary resources in the preschool or school classroom, parents can create a safe, positive, and inspiring space for their child in the home or apartment. In the early years of life, children have a strong need for order, which is why a child's room should be functional, organized, clean, well-structured, and free of any barriers. It should include furniture and accessories that are 100% safe, made of natural materials, carefully finished, and adapted to individual needs.



Montessori furniture - what sets it apart?

Furniture is an integral part of the Montessori environment. When designing furniture for children in her own institutions, Maria Montessori ensured that it was made from natural materials and tailored to the needs (including height) of the users.

Montessori-style furniture features non-standard, appropriately scaled-down sizes and well-thought-out, simple designs. Their appearance alone encourages children to use them and explore the world around them. At VERKdesign, we provide high-quality children's furniture with a unique minimalist design that perfectly aligns with the Montessori philosophy. We use natural wood and child-safe, eco-friendly paints in muted tones for their production. You won't find loud, plastic, mass-produced elements with us. Every Montessori furniture piece is handmade in our Polish factory. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to engage children without relying on bright colors.

We offer:

• Wardrobes,
• Shelves,
• Climbing frames,
• Rocking horses,
• Ramps and arches for climbing,
• Educational triangles,
• Multi-element, multifunctional sets

and many other products that are loved by young children and tailored to their needs.

In addition to the natural finish, there are various gentle colors to choose from, presented in a color swatch. We are confident that these beautiful and functional items will also appeal to discerning adult designers. We encourage you to explore our current Montessori furniture collection and to regularly visit the VERKdesign online store.

THANK YOU - We are constantly working on developing our collections.

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